DATUM: 9. Februar 2020
ZEIT: 20:00
Roksana Smirnova/Misha Kalinin DUO feat. Tamara Lukasheva 9. Februar 2020

Shanghai/Odessa Project

The music, that develops by itself, without any effort or struggle. Free from fitting into some genre, but one that comes from the heart.The soundscape that leads you to fantastic worlds of your imagination: strongly contrast elements, modern impressionistic sound, improvisational interaction and sounds dissolving in silence.
Pianist Roksana Smirnova and guitarist Misha Kalinin have been developing their sound for years, using the variety of their backgrounds and possibilities of the instruments.
Catching the flow of inspiration, their music starts living its own life.

Roksana Smirnova – piano
Misha Kalinin – guitar
Tamara Lukasheva – voice


2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum