DATUM: 28. September 2017
ZEIT: 20h
PILAR DE LA HOZ 28. September 2017

Pilar de La Hoz – Jazz Mestizo

Pilar de la Hoz – vocals
Sergio Valdeos – guitar
Laura Robles – cajon
Joscha Oetz – contrabass

Salon de Jazz is proud to present the German premiere of Peruvian singer Pilar de La Hoz. Pilar has long earned the honorary title “the first lady of Peruvian jazz”, and her work goes well beyond the fusion of repertoire, rhythm and styles from coastal Peru as well as the Andes. Along her mastery in the intriguing swing and melodies of the Festejo, Landó and Huayno she can croon a Bolero in her own, sweet way or fascinate the audience the Brazil way with original adaptations of Samba and Bossa Nova.

Her band for tonight plays in a league of its own, too: Most famous for his long term collaborator with Susana Baca, Sergio Valdeos is probably one of the top ten Peruvian guitar artists of all time.

Cajon wizard Laura Robles and contrabassist Joscha Oetz are a notoriously hard swinging Riddim-Double, most notably with Perfektomat and Urbanic Cycles.


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