DATUM: 11. Oktober 2021
ZEIT: 20:00
Matthew Halpin Group 11. Oktober 2021

Matthew Halpin continues to bring new freshness and originality to the stage with his light-footed, melodic saxophone playing and original compositions. Following the release of his highly acclaimed debut album „Agreements“ (Frutex Tracks) in spring 2021, the „Matthew Halpin Group“ reunites for the first time to transform Halpin’s album vision into a live experience. The balance between individual and group remains fluid at all times, even blurring composed and improvised, background and foreground. The result is a band sound that bobs along, takes hairpin turns and goes full throttle on the straights, but at the same time clearly senses Halpin’s profound yet humorous artistic intent and creative vision of hierarchy-free interplay.

Matthew Halpin is an Irish tenor saxophonist and has been a Cologne resident for six years. Several projects in Germany have already brought Halpin and guitarist Hanno Busch together. Halpin met the English pianist and organist Kit Downes in Ireland and has since regularly organized projects that bring the two together. Before moving to Cologne, Halpin studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he met Italian drummer Roberto Giaquinto.

Matthew Halpin – tenor saxophone
Kit Downes – hammond organ
Hanno Busch – electric guitar
Roberto Giaquinto – drums

streaming link: https://dringeblieben.de/videos/matthew-halpin-group

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