DATUM: 8. Juli 2017
ZEIT: 20:00
Jachna Tarwid Karch „Bachelor Concert“ 8. Juli 2017

1st set:

Jachna Tarwid Karch is an unique group where famous haziness of Jachna’s trumpet meets the elegant sound of the most promising young stars of Polish jazz scene.
Jachna Tarwid Karch is: Wojciech Jachna (born 1979) on trumpet, Grzegorz Tarwid (born 1994) on piano and Albert Karch (born 1993) on drums.
Inspired by classical masters including Szostakowicz, Debussy and Ravel this distinctive trio has recently released one of the most critically acclaimed jazz albums of 2014. Their music reaches deep into classical heritage; however, thanks to the exceptional awareness of contemporary styles it becomes actual and powerful. Carefully structured pieces are brought to life by brave, improvisational practices – enclosed within a romantic narration and touching soundscapes.

Wojciech Jachna is a well-established trumpeter and sideman. He performed and recorded over ten albums with different artists, including famous ‘Contemporary Noise Sextet’, ‘Sing Sing Penelope’, ‘Innercity Ensemble’, ‘Dubska’ and ‘Jachna-Buhl’ duo. Trained under Piotr Wojtasik, for many years he was performing alongside Andrzej Przybielski. His distinct approach to music was noted and acclaimed by many masters of Polish music – and he’s one of the most experienced polish trumpeters.

Grzregorz Tarwid has been one of the most exciting young Polish pianists of last years, listed alongside world-famous Sebastian Zawadzki or Kuba Sokolowski. His stage credits include gigs with Zbigniew Namysłowski, Kazimierz Jonkisz and Piotr Rodowicz. He also performed in a number of countries, most recently visiting Germany and Ukraine – however he’s usually based in Denmark, where he studies.

Albert Karch is currently studying in prestigious Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. This award-winning young drummer has recently collaborated on a number of albums with many Polish groups. Busy with international tours he previously studied under Czesław Bartkowski in State Music Academy in Warsaw. In his work he inspires himself with Schubert, Strauss and Bach.

2nd set:

Florian Herzog (bass)
Dominik Mahnig (drums)
Grzregorz Tarwid (piano)

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