DATUM: 28. März 2024
ZEIT: 20:00
Elena Romano 28. März 2024

Elena Romano is a singer and songwriter from Florence, Italy, who has pursued
extensive studies in jazz singing and gained diverse experiences in this field. One
notable experience includes her collaboration on the album ‚Arie‘ by Ferruccio
Spinetti, recorded in 2022 with prominent musicians such as Jeff Ballard. In 2021,
after winning the award for the best composition at the Bianca D’Aponte
competition with her song ‚Il Sole (cattivi pensieri),‘ she began working on her first
solo project, collaborating with her brother Lorenzo Romano, a classical music
composer and electronic music producer based in Berlin. Elena draws inspiration
from the traditional Italian song, evoking vivid representations of emotional states
such as love, anxiety, and insecurity in the listener’s imagination. The result is a
visionary language that transforms lived experiences into poetry.
Tonite she´s in good company with Clemens Orth on the piano.

Elena Romano – voice
Clemens Orth – piano

cover: 15/10€

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum