DATUM: 13. November 2016
ZEIT: 20h
Clemens Orth Trio plays „Nirvana“ 13. November 2016

Clemens Orth (p)
Stefan Schoenegg (b)
Dominik Mahnig (dr)
Now, 20 years after Nirvana came up with its revolutionary
„nevermind“ album i´m sitting here at my piano in new york putting
some arrangements together using all 12 songs on the album
(except the hidden track) as source material to convert them into
music for jazz piano trio . A friend inspired me to do that after he
heard a version of „smells like teen spirit“ that i´ve recorded
already 10 years back on my album „silhouette ascending“. I still
remember the time when i first heard the tunes back in the days
while still in my teenage years watching the crowd banging or
dancing to the music and having a good time – yet the impact of
the music hasn´t changed. Dazzling ecstatic impacts by cobain´s
singing underlined by innovative chord progressions – made nirvana

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum