DATUM: 21. Dezember 2021
ZEIT: 20h
Clemens Orth Solo Piano 21. Dezember 2021

Hearing one of Clemens´ Solo Performances is a unique experience by itself. An exciting journey where the performer might gets as surprised as the listener both not knowing where the journey might go to. By homogenically amalgamating composed and improvised parts Orth starts providing access to another space the listerner is mercilessly soaked into.

Clearly rooted in the tradition of Jazz Music Orth´s influences are reaching from classical counterpoint, elegiac neoromantisicm up to avantgarde and free playing underlined by refreshing rhythmical structures often inspired by african, balcan and indian music.

Tonite you can expect music from the american songbook!

streaming link: https://www.facebook.com/salondejazz

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