VERöFFENTLICHT: 8. Oktober 2021
CTO & Jabul

With “Tunity” the Cologne based duo CTO and Jabul has produced an album that skilfully transcends both genre and generational boundaries. The tracklist combines 80s disco with hip-hop and house and also picks up some elements from Jazz and Latin American percussion to create an album that, despite its diversity, reveals a coherent sound. What all songs have in common is that they are all suitable for the dance floor, because in spite of differences they all share a groove that runs through the entire project. But even though the intention to create a dance album is quite obvious, the Cologne residents do not lose sight of detailed production and meaningful lyrics, so that „Tunity“ in face of its playful sound comes across as a well thought-out and unique album.

Jabul – vocals, spoken words
CTO – keys & vocals
Cage – vocals on „Mr.Big Shot“
Camilo Villalon – bass on „Regardless“
Hendrik Smock – drums on „Mr. Big Shot“, hihats on „Tunity“
Roland Peil – percussions
Philipp Brämswig – guitars
The Miracle Horns – hornsection on „Regardless“, „Mr.Big Shot“ & „CTO Calling“

all compositions by CTO and Jabul

produced by CTO & Jabul

recorded, mixed and mastered by CTO

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum