DATUM: 22. November 2022
ZEIT: 20:00
XY Quartet 22. November 2022

XY Quartet can be considered by all means a representative band of the new Italian Jazz world.
The group, established in 2011, looks back upon 3 CD (Idea F, XY, Orbite printed by nusica.org),
concerts by many of the major Italian Festivals and a growing artistic activity abroad.
The band has achieved numerous critical and public acclaims, has been rewarded as second
best Italian group by Musica Jazz magazine in 2014 and 2017 and to its credit lists also interviews
with specialised periodicals and a good number of positive reviews in Italy and abroad.
XY Quartet stands out live for its strenght and expressive effectiveness with which is able to
elaborate musical, originals and innovative, materials maintaining a constant balance between
improvisation and composition. Various influences mark the band music: jazz, contemporary,
minimalism, electronic, prog, and each of these elements seem to merge into a peculiar and
unique language that puts the band on the international spotlight.
Moved by different interests such as musical research but also science fiction, architecture and
literature, the Nicola Fazzini and Alessandro Fedrigo band leaders love to picture their music as an
inspiration and creation conceived by the imaginary character Jon Futuru. Jon, the fruit of
Alessandro Fedrigo’s vivid imagination, lives in the outer space of a long gone time. This
entrangement (alienation) game is nothing but a reflection on the musical language itself, on the
different materials that make it up and on the meaning they have in our society. The elements of
the musical language are taken away from their historical, geographical, social context and
projected into another dimension that becomes an hypothetical extraterrestrial future.
During the years XY Quartet has realized different live experiences, one of which is the remarkable
multimedia project in collaboration with the video artist Claudio Sichel , not to mention a
performance with the science communicator Dario Kubler, both of them dedicated on the theme of
the first space explorers.
XY Quartet has also taken part in some of the most important Jazz Festivals in Italy and around
the world and here a short list only to remember some of them in Italy : Umbria Jazz Winter,
Novara Jazz, Centro d’Arte Padova, Ivrea Jazz Festival, Una striscia di terra feconda in Roma, Nel
gioco del jazz in Bari,Jazz, Jazz and Wine of peace in Cormons, Ferrara Jazz Club, Casa del Jazz
in Rome; and abroad XY Quartet has toures in Switzerland, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, etc.

Nicola Fazzini: alto sax
Alessandro Fedrigo: bass guitar
Saverio Tasca: vibes
Luca Colussi: drums

cover: 15/10€

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