DATUM: 9. Februar 2024
ZEIT: 20:00
URS INVITES 9. Februar 2024

Music is about community.
For Cologne-based German-Polish musician Ursula Wienken, this is an essential component of creative processes, like making music. The experience of feeling connected and drawn to each other unleashes new sounds, ideas and feelings of safety.
Along with this band, Ursula will perform her own composed music that draws inspiration from this exact feeling of interhuman connection, but also the lack of it, the urge for it, and the search for it. Also, it honors and celebrates musical elements from North-american, Brazilian and Cuban music traditions. Ursula will play the Bass alongside Raciel Estrada on congas, Joshua Knauber on drums, Claudia Ramos on vocals and violin, and Leandro Irarragorri on piano, who not only are experienced and versatile musicians but also her friends. Together they invite the audience to be part of this evening, be part of moments of movement and resonance.

Cover: 15/10€

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum