DATUM: 12. April 2024
ZEIT: 20h
Nebraska 12. April 2024


Be it behind a microphone or DJ booth, Nebraska is a Force of nature. Herlive sets pierce you through the heart with songwriting reminiscent of thegreat storytellers like Joni Mitchel and Stevie Nicks. Seamlessly, Nebraskaweaves together the layers of each song; live-looping her voice andinstrumentals, showcasing her roots in classical and jazz piano fused withflavors of urban sounds and global rhythms.
Sounds like pop, yet with thedepth of jazz and the complexity of the fusion that it is.
This coming April Nebraska returns to Europe to celebrate the release of herforthcoming EP, the Deep End. The Deep End is an exploration of grief, lovelost, and loved ones lost. Highlighting the power of her voice and lyricism,the music is a reflection of her journey through grief, as well as anaffirmation of her strength and resilience. A reminder to us all that even inthe deepest waters it’s possible to overcome and ride the same wave thatwas just pulling you under. Experiencing this music live is spellbinding. Youmay forget it’s just one woman on stage creating colors and textures withher voice, rapping and singing and telling stories that all of us can relate to,in a musical style that is unique yet familiar.
Formerly known as the artist Jessie Davis, this will be the first recordingproject as Nebraska. After years of performing as DJ Nebraska in the Houseand underground scene, the name change is inspired by the artistictransformation that is happening as she integrates her live performance intoher DJ sets and vice versa.
As a longtime house head and DJ in the NYC underground, Nebraska ispaving her way as a budding DJ and vocalist in the international Housemusic scene. Performing in legendary parties including Toca Tuesdays andSoul In The Horn, this NYC house head has been stretching out to rockinternational house festivals throughout the states and Latin America. HerDJ style pays homage to the legends of house and club culture highlightingthe heavy hitting records of the NYC underground, while bringing theenergy of beach raves and deep jungle rhythms. Her recent collaborationwith NYC DJ and Producer Serge Negri has been highlighted as pick of theweek by Spirit of House. Needless to say, this multi-talented performingartist and DJ is making big waves (and surfing them too;)

Nebraska – guitar, voc, efx

cover: 20/10€

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum