DATUM: 5. September 2023
ZEIT: 20:00
Kami 5. September 2023

Initially, the unpredictable improv may sound like an abstract sound poem, but this switches quickly to first dazzling freak-outs in the New York avant-garde tradition or even throbbing fusion with a nod to Miles Davis’ electric era, before ultimately arriving at muscular jazzrock in the vein of The Lounge Lizards and Belgium’s X-Legged Sally.
What could have either been a failed jump into the deep end or a haphazard performance with the handbrakes on, here leads to a powerful achievement, executed with discipline and the will to incorporate the outer edges of improvised music…
Artwork of this new release by the talented artist Rinus Van de Velde

Nate Wooley – Trumpet
Jozef Dumoulin – Piano
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Double Bass
Teun Verbruggen – Drums & Objects

cover: 15/10€

Kami on bandcamp: https://teunverbruggen.bandcamp.com/album/kapsalon

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum