DATUM: 2. Juni 2023
ZEIT: 20:00
Devin Gray 2. Juni 2023

Most Definitely – Liner Notes by Gray
I want to start by asking you a straightforward question. What do you think our world needs
more of? As you can imagine there are many great ways of sharing and explaining your
personal thinking and it’s current relationship to how the world is turning. Some common
and obvious examples could be love, food, health, empathy, equality, diversity, etc. Please
allow me to share my answer. The world needs more listening. As simple as it sounds in my
mind, it is the lack of implementation of this critical aural component which is needed to
improve a lot of what’s making our world what it isn’t today.
I believe that by first understanding your own hearing as a natural human trait, (yet an
increasingly harder patient skill to perform on the highest level consistently) of which is not
often talked about or worked on as a craft of unlimited possibilities; that humanity can
achieve much more in harmony with one another. If we’d listen to each other more deeply,
clearly, and honestly, (I’d like to specify with music then with words) wouldn’t we be on our
way forward, not only in communicating and understanding, but as a result simultaneously
on a path of global healing? Just listen, that’s what musicians do every day all day.
Listening is the most important form of communication we have, its effects are greater than
speaking. You will learn more by allowing yourself to be truly open, focused, and by
challenging your everyday listening beyond what your ears and mind are capable of
comprehending. I honestly and most definitely believe that through increased listening to
not only human words, but to artistic musical and sonic actions our world will be a better
place. One where we connect more, express more, relate and vibrate on a higher level; one
where we try to understand each other more deeply through our actions of sonics and
This recording “Most Definitely” represents another musical offering of which is my first
ever solo. I wanted to create a work of high detail where people can listen closely in more
nuanced ways to what it is that I am communicating in my playing as a widely influenced
active human listener, artist, and drummer. As you can guess, this project took me some
time, roughly 40 years in the making. I truly hope you are able to find some fun as well as a
deeper understanding of expression from me and all of the musical artists from the worlds
(and planets) of past, present, and future.
Thank you for reading this, and hopefully deeply listening to my music!

Devin Gray – drums

Cover: 15/10€

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