DATUM: 17. März 2017
ZEIT: 20h
Christian Hassenstein Organic 4-tett 17. März 2017

The sound of this special quartet is powered by the mighty Hammond B3 organ
providing bass-lines and shimmering chords in combination with the soulful
tones of the electric guitar. This classic combination of instruments gets
augmented by adding the eruptive qualities of the trumpet and drums.
Naturally geared towards higher energy levels of contemporary jazz, the
quartet plays originals mixed with great modern jazz standards in the
tradition of bands led by organist Larry Young or trumpeter Woody Shaw.

The members of the band include the following high-caliber musicians:

Christian Hassenstein – electric guitar
Matt Halpin – reeds
Clemens Orth – hammond organ
Roland Höppner – drums

So don’t miss out on this one, and be prepared to get your socks blown off!

2016 SALON DE JAZZ | Impressum